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CNC Milling Machining Parts

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CNC Milling Machining Parts

CNC Milling Parts

cnc turning parts

CNC Milling Parts Application

Military used aluminum CNC Milled precision Enclosure parts

Military used aluminum CNC milled precision enclosure parts

CNC precision milling auto parts

CNC precision milling auto parts

dual-purpose bike mount CNC Milled parts

dual-purpose bike mount CNC milled parts

CNC milling dolly control console spare parts

CNC milling dolly control console spare parts

Quality Control Standards

To comsistently exceed customer expectations, quality control and assurance is achieved through

  • Comprehensive written procedures and policies
  • Detailed records of incoming raw material
  • Optional XRF analysis reports
  • Analysis of root cause of non-conformances
  • Fully equipped inspection department
  • Consistent calibration / labeling of inspection tools
  • Designated areas for non-conformation parts
  • Staff members being strongly encouraged to suggest improvements in methods, materials and suppliers

CNC Milling Parts Features

High Dimensional Accuracy metal parts

High Dimensional Accuracy

Imported CNC processing equipment, advanced testing equipment, complete quality system, to ensure high-precision parts production.

+/-0.01mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, we can provide quality inspection form

Choose Only High-Quality Materials

All raw materials have test reports

High Dimensional Accuracy metal parts
High Dimensional Accuracy metal parts

Quality Assurance

Product processing is manually tested by the detector.

100% inspection before shipment, complete inspection equipment and compliance with ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

Price Advantage

Years of process improvement
Accurate control of production costs
20 Years of technical production team

High Dimensional Accuracy metal parts
High Dimensional Accuracy metal parts

On Time Delivery

1-25 days after order with prepayment based on products structure and quantity

CNC ultra-precision machining can be integrated with the plane, by pressing the convex with hands. Ultra-precision machining is a machining method with a processing accuracy of 0.1 microns.

Precision machining mainly includes fine turning, fine boring, fine milling, fine grinding, and lapping processes. Precision machining is achieved by using precision machine tools and precision gauges and measuring instruments under strictly controlled conditions.

A machining process can be called ultra-precision machining when its accuracy is up to and beyond 0.1 microns. In the aerospace industry, precision machining is mainly used to process precision mechanical parts in aircraft control equipment, such as precision mating parts in hydraulic and pneumatic servo mechanisms, gyroscope frames and housings, air floats, liquid float bearing assemblies and floats, etc. Aircraft precision parts have a complex structure, small stiffness, high precision requirements, and a great part of materials hard to machine.

The processing effect of precision machining as following:

1. The geometry and mutual position accuracy of the parts can achieve the micron or angular second level.

2. The feature size tolerance of the parts is in microns or less.

3. The surface microscopic unevenness of the parts (the average height difference of surface unevenness) is less than 0.1 micron.

4. The interchangeable parts can meet the requirements of the fit force.

5. Some parts can also meet the precise mechanical or other physical characteristics requirements, such as the torsional stiffness of the float gyroscope torsion bar, the stiffness coefficient of the flexure element, etc.

Yixin Precision Metal & Plastic Ltd has been committed to high precision CNC machining for years and accumulated rich experience in the machining industry, the company has an advanced CNC machining center, five-axis linkage machining center, four-axis linkage machining center, three-axis linkage machining center, the machining tolerance can be controlled within 0.005mm.

Yixin Precision Metal & Plastic Ltd has more than ten high-precision CNC turning centers and professional testing equipment, which is strong support to our high precision machining (five-axis three coordinates, can achieve precision turning processing of shaft and disk parts.

A variety of aluminum, steel, magnesium, titanium, titanium alloy and copper, and other materials processing are available. Besides, our company also has an all-around pre-sales and after-sales service system, providing customers with one-stop processing services to achieve customers satisfaction! Welcome to your need!

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