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Why is CNC Machining Important in The Aerospace Industry?

July 20, 2022

The production capacity of aerospace manufacturing can reflect a country's defense technology and economic strength. And aerospace production of CNC technology and equipment is a very clear and urgent demand. The number, function, precision, processing capability and use level of CNC machine tools are of great significance to the aerospace industry. Why do aerospace CNC machining, and CNC aircraft parts have what characteristics? We will explore these questions below.

Why is CNC machining important in the aerospace industry?

latest company news about Why is CNC Machining Important in The Aerospace Industry?

The aerospace industry has very high and even strict requirements for structural design, function, performance, product quality, and reliability of products. Many new materials and structures are used first and foremost in aircraft components. National defense needs and market competition require significantly shorter development cycles and production cycles for aerospace products.

In addition, the average cost of Z-end products needs to continue to decline, so the aerospace production industry has put forward higher requirements, and the need for advanced production skills. Modern CNC machining is a key part of advanced production skills and has become a decisive key skill, especially in aerospace production. the following advantages of CNC machining services make it very important in the aerospace industry.

latest company news about Why is CNC Machining Important in The Aerospace Industry?

It is a process that incorporates many types of advanced skills, including computer technology, communication technology, modern production technology, digital manipulation technology, etc.

In the CNC machining/turning process, the development of a new product and the machining of another batch can be achieved by simply changing the settings and parameters of the CNC machine, greatly increasing automation and flexibility.

Multiple CNC machining can be done actively on one machine or in one clamping, which greatly reduces the processing time and production cycle, and also improves efficiency.

CNC machining/turning technology can improve the accuracy of aerospace products, and cut or greatly limit the production errors so that CNC aircraft parts with higher quality and durability.

latest company news about Why is CNC Machining Important in The Aerospace Industry?

Most materials for aerospace parts need to be cut and machined during the fabrication process.CNC aircraft parts types and features that are aerospace products? Aircraft can be divided by structure into fuselage, engines, airborne equipment, and components, including wings, large wall and tail structures, housings, valve bodies, hydraulic valves, optical tubes, rotor blades, fasteners, connectors, etc.

The main characteristics of CNC machined aerospace parts are as follows: high functionality: the use of new difficult-to-machine materials, such as titanium; lightweight: the use of many thin-walled structures; precision: continuous progress in machining accuracy. High efficiency: the need for higher speed and efficiency; reliability and economy: increasingly stringent quality and cost control.