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Which Parts Are Suitable For Precision Machining?

July 20, 2022

Which parts are suitable for precision machining?

In our parts processing industry, we may all know that precision machining requires high precision. The main characteristics of precision machining are high manufacturing precision and accurate tool setting, and it can process some high-precision parts.

Precision parts processing factory aluminum alloy parts

What kind of parts is suitable for precision machining? Yixin Precision will explain to you:

1. Compared with ordinary lathes, CNC lathes have a constant linear speed cutting function. The end face of the car and the different diameters of the outer circle can be processed at the same linear speed to ensure that the surface roughness value is constant and relatively small. Ordinary lathes are of constant speed and the cutting speed of different diameters is different. When the material of the workpiece and tool, finishing allowance, and tool angle is safe, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed speed.

latest company news about Which Parts Are Suitable For Precision Machining?

2. When processing surfaces with different surface roughness, a low feed rate is selected for the surface with small roughness, and a high feed rate is selected for the surface with high roughness, the variability is very good, which is difficult to achieve on ordinary lathes. CNC precision machining has an arc interpolation function, which can process various complex contour parts. For the parts with complex contour shapes, any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or arc.

Automobile parts precision machining non-standard parts

CNC machining of aluminum parts is common in many industries. If the accuracy of aluminum parts is not good enough, it is likely that the quality of manufactured products is not good enough, and the use effect of products will be threatened. Therefore, it is very important to choose aluminum parts with standard precision for production.

latest company news about Which Parts Are Suitable For Precision Machining?

Before that, Mr. Sun of Dongguan customized a batch of CNC machined aluminum parts. But the engineer repeatedly reflected that its precision was not good enough and the use effect was not good. Mr. Sun called the manufacturer for a solution but didn't get a good response. So, Mr. Sun found Yixin Precision, a manufacturer engaged in aluminum parts production for 20 years, and inquired about Yixin's overall manufacturing strength, product quality inspection specifications, and processing technology. YiXin technical engineer patiently answers and explains, and the accuracy can reach 0.03mm. Mr. Sun was very satisfied with the response of Yixin Precision.

He quickly placed an order. After receiving the order, Yixin Precision assigned the production workshop to meet the deadline and complete the order supply as soon as possible. Mr. Sun called Yixin Precision two days after he received the product and told us that the CNC machining accuracy of the aluminum parts meets the requirements of use, and the use effect is better than before, and he also said he would continue to cooperate next time!