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The key points you need to know about the anodizing process

June 9, 2023

As we all know, anodizing is a common surface treatment method, mainly for aluminum and aluminum alloy materials (under certain conditions, this operation can also be performed on specified material metals), under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, due to the external Under the action of electric current, an oxide film is formed on the aluminum product (anode). Anodizing, if not otherwise specified, usually refers to sulfuric acid anodizing.


The anodizing treatment of aluminum alloy can greatly make up for the deficiencies in the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy materials, so that aluminum parts can adapt to a wider range of applications and greatly extend the service life. Anodizing is probably the most widely used and successful surface treatment for aluminum alloys.

This article will tell you about the process, benefits and different applications of anodized aluminum parts in various fields;

latest company news about The key points you need to know about the anodizing process


Anodizing process

The anodizing process involves immersing an aluminum part in an electrolyte solution and passing an electric current through the solution, which causes the surface of the aluminum part to oxidize, forming a hard and porous aluminum oxide layer on the metal surface. The resulting aluminum oxide layer acts as a protective barrier, preventing further erosion and providing good durability and abrasion resistance.


At the initial stage of the order, the customer can specify the thickness of the anodized coating of the aluminum part, so that the aluminum part can be formed into the smoothness or matt finish required by the customer. CNC processing service providers need to have precise control of precision and details to ensure that the layer is uniform and free of defects. Before the anodizing process, Yixin Chuangyan will thoroughly clean the aluminum parts and carefully control the current to ensure that it can reach customers. Specify the thickness, which is perfectly suitable for the customer's use scene;


What are the advantages of ordinary aluminum parts after anodizing?

1- Anodized aluminum parts will be more durable, scratch and abrasion resistant. This is because the aluminum oxide film produced by the anodizing process is very hard and can withstand higher levels of pressure, impact and abrasion. In long-term use, we found that this film also has good corrosion resistance, which can prevent rust very well. Therefore, compared with ordinary aluminum parts, anodized aluminum parts have higher applicability in harsher environments;

2- Very aesthetic visual effects. In short, the appearance of anodized aluminum parts is better, the color is more beautiful, and it is more pleasing to the eye. This is because after anodic oxidation treatment, there will be a large number of tiny pores in the surface film of aluminum parts. These small pores have strong adsorption force and can be colored into various brilliant colors, and the finish is very uniform, which is suitable for parts. Application scenarios that always require appearance. Aluminum oxide film can also resist fading and discoloration, and can maintain the appearance of aluminum parts for a long time;


3- Better electrical and thermal conductivity. The porous structure formed on the surface of the anodized aluminum part can effectively transfer heat and current, so that the part can be used in scenarios with higher performance requirements. Such as aerospace and defense applications.


Applications of Anodized Aluminum

  • Anodized aluminum parts are commonly used in aerospace, medical, industrial and other fields. In the aerospace industry, anodized fasteners, brackets, electrical enclosures, etc. are commonly used.
  • In the medical field, anodized aluminum parts are commonly used in surgical instruments, prosthetics, orthotics, etc. Anodized coatings make these medical devices have a smoother and easier-to-clean surface, are more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and have a wide range of application scenarios in the medical field.
  • In industry scenarios, anodized aluminum can be used in various products. Such as machine parts, electrical enclosures and brackets. The coating improves the durability and corrosion resistance of aluminum parts, making them able to withstand harsher environments, helping to improve product performance and meet customer needs.


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