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5 key points for choosing the materials of CNC machining

May 25, 2023

As we all know, there are many types of materials that can be used for CNC machining. To select materials suitable for products and processes, a basic principle should be followed, that is, the performance of materials must meet the various technical requirements and environmental requirements of the product.

When choosing materials, you can consider the following aspects:

01- Rigidity of material

Rigidity is the first criterion that should be considered when selecting materials in the machining industry.

Reason: The product needs a certain degree of stability and wear resistance in actual work and production, and the rigidity of the material determines the feasibility of product development and design;

According to the characteristics of the industry, high-quality 45 steel and aluminum alloy are generally selected for non-standard tooling design; 45 steel and alloy steel (Alloy Steel) are used for machining tooling design; Aluminum alloy is usually selected for tooling design in the automation industry;

02-Material Stability

For a product with high precision requirements, if the selected material is not stable enough, various deformations will occur after assembly or during use, it will be a very bad experience for the production, development and actual use of the product;

It is required to select materials with certain stability, which can largely guarantee that the finished product will not be greatly deformed with changes in the environment such as temperature, humidity and vibration;

latest company news about 5 key points for choosing the materials of CNC machining

03-Machinability of materials

The machinability of materials needs to consider the following points: hardness, strength, plasticity, toughness, thermal conductivity, etc.;

For example, although stainless steel is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, but the hardness of stainless steel is high, it is easy to wear props during processing; it is a material that is not easy to process; the hardness of plastic is low, but it is easy to soften and deform during heating, and it also needs to be selected according to actual needs;


04- Anti-rust treatment of materials

Anti-rust treatment is related to the stability and appearance quality of the product; for the 45 steel mentioned above, Yixin Chuangyan usually chooses to carry out "blackening" treatment for anti-rust, or spray paint and plastic spray on the parts; According to the use environment, seal oil or anti-rust liquid can be used to prevent rust during actual use;


05- Cost of materials

Cost is an important indicator to be considered when selecting materials; titanium alloys are light in weight, have very high strength, and excellent corrosion resistance are generally widely used in automotive engine systems, and play a very important role in energy saving and consumption reduction; but in practice In the selection of materials, it is generally not recommended to give priority to titanium alloys. The main reason is that the cost of titanium alloy is too high. If it is not necessary, I suggest to choose cheaper materials;

In addition, the editor will popularize the materials commonly used in CNC processing for you, so that you can easily choose;


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